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5 Simple & Fun Bridal Shower Activities

So it's been awhile since my bestie's Candy Confetti bridal shower (whoops!) but I'm finally ready to spill the rest of the deets! One of the things you either love or hate about showers are the kitschy activities. I for one, LOVE them. If you're on the other side of that camp, you can stop reading now. 

Some of the more popular/traditional bridal shower games are the toilet paper dress competition, gift bingo, and bridal trivia. I decided to go beyond the norm and planned a few less traditional options.

Bangle Shakedown
This game is a twist on the old clothespin game -- someone says a "banned" word and you get to steal their clothespin. I wasn't all about clipping a pin to me or the other guests, so I went with an alternative. I bought a bunch of mix/match bangles from Target and proceeded to hand them out as the guests arrived at the shower. Attached to the bracelets were a little tag that read:

"Bangle Shakedown
Here is a bracelet,
so dainty and sweet.
But someone might steal it,
just wait and see.
It'll be hard, but try not to say:
Bride, dress, cake, or wedding day.
Good luck!"

Click here to download the Word Document!

Purse Raid / The Purse Game
The purse raid is tried and true, especially amongst a group of ladies who travel with a full handbag. There are a variety of items listed, all worth increasing point levels. Everyone goes through their bag trying to tally up the most points. The bride won this one with flying colors! 

Click here to download your own copy!
Date Night Box
This was most definitely my favorite activity of the day. First, I decorated a wooden pencil box that I found at A.C. Moore (surprise, surprise). At the shower, I handed out dozens of of popsicle sticks (the jumbo variety) and candy-colored Sharpie markers -- then proceeded to give specific instructions for the guests to write down fun / imaginative / romantic date ideas. The guests could sign the back or leave it blank. When the bride and groom get past the excitement of the wedding and wonder how to fill their time, they can use the date night box as a bucket list of sorts. One of the guests suggested that the couple can write the date that they ended up doing each activity on the back! 

Describe the Bride
This was one of the simplest games and involved almost no prep at all. About an hour into the party, we indiscriminately shuffled the bride to the bathroom. At that time, I told everyone to flip over their purse raid list and start to jot down every detail they could remember about the bride: How did she wear her hair? Any jewelry aside from her engagement ring? Nail Polish? What color were her shoes? Were they flats, heels, or wedges? Did her outfit have any buttons? Anything they could dream up. I ushered the bride back in and had everyone read what they wrote -- it was hilarious! Some people were so far off and others were on point. The winner is whomever comes up with the most correct details. 

Recipe Cards
Now you might have already seen my recipe cards featured at Sumo's Sweet Stuff back in June. I had created that printable with this shower in mind. Now, this activity took a bit more forward thinking than the rest of these games as I wanted to include printouts in each of the invitations that I sent. In addition to the card, I also included special instructions that read:

"Please share a favorite family recipe on the enclosed card! We will be collecting the recipes at the shower to create a keepsake cookbook for CJ & Henry’s first anniversary!"

At the shower, I collected all of the cards from the guests. Before the end of the party, I took a picture of the blushing bride-to-be with each of the attendants -- that way, when the cookbook is assembled for the couple's first anniversary, I can include pictures of each of the guests alongside their recipe.

 I created a personalized version of the printable that had the Bride & Groom's name at the top:

You can use the generic version here:

In addition to the shower favors, I was sure to have some really fun prizes for each of the games. There were cute ombre scarves, clutches, cake pop sets, jewelry -- a little traditional but uber girly, just like the bride to be.

What are your favorite games to play? Or are you the type of person who avoids showers simply because of the games?

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  1. Great ideas! I just hosted a bridal shower for an older bride and could not come up with any games that weren't "childish" This would have been so helpful! These games are wonderful! I'm definitely pinning for use in the future! Thank you so much for sharing!

    It's Always Ruetten

    1. Thanks so much, Julia! I had the same problem -- it sounds silly, but I spent way too many hours brainstorming games that would please everyone. I'm glad that you thought these activities would do the trick.

  2. Excellent ideas! I just organized a wedding bath for an mature new bride and could not come up with any activities that weren't "childish" This would have been so helpful! These activities are wonderful! I'm definitely pinning for use in the future! Thank you so much for sharing! Bridal Shower Game Ideas


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