Monday, September 23, 2013

Eleven DIY Globe Ideas

Have the world in your hands but it needs an update? Don't worry, these crafty ladies have you covered!

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you may already know that I have a soft spot in my heart for globes of all kinds. I think obsessed might be a more accurate description. So, last weekend when I went thrifting and found a vintage globe for $15, it's needless to say that it immediately found a cozy spot in my cart. 

I shared my little treasure on Instagram right away:

Now, let's be real here. This little guy is not attractive in his current shape. He was bent a skad to the right - little pounding with a hammer fixed that. He was ridiculously loose - nothing some screw tightening couldn't mend. He was gross and grimy - hallelujah to lysol wipes! He is outdated and no longer accurate... how in the world do I fix that?! And that is where I'm hoping that a little creativity and elbow grease will come in handy.

I turned to the DIY projects starring on my GLOBEtrotting Board

Nailhead Metal Globe via Fluxlux on Etsy, featured at Spool and Spoon

Butterfuly Globe via I'm a Transplant from California, featured at Spool and Spoon

Chalkboard Globe DIY via Kitschy Living, featured at Spool and Spoon

Vinyl Quote on Globe via Whipperberry, featured at Spool and Spoon

Black and White Painted Globe via Do or DIY, featured at Spool and Spoon

Sheet Music Globe via Cutesy Crafts, featured at Spool and Spoon

Ombre Painted Globe via The V Spot Globe, featured at Spool and Spoon

Washi Tape Globe via Harding Happenings
Washi Tape Globe via Harding Happenings, featured on Spool and Spoon

Painted Globe via Jenna Sue Design, featured at Spool and Spoon

Gorgeous Calligraphic Globe via 1 Canoe 2, featured on Spool and Spoon

Textured Spring Globe via My Sister's Suitcase, featured on Spool and Spoon

Even after all of those incredible ideas (or, possibly because of them), I still remain divided as to which direction I'm going to go. I'm thinking that I might do white and gold with some decoupage... What do you think? If you've seen any other awesome DIYs, please share!

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  1. I found one this weekend! I'm so excited. I don't know yet if I'm going to do anything to it other than clean it up and put it out as a great piece of décor. This is a great resource for ideas though! Thanks for sharing.

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