Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall-o-ween Front Porch Reveal

Yay! We're no longer the eyesore on the block! Our house is officially ready for trick-or-treaters. We decided to take a bit more of an autumnal approach to Halloween decorating this year. I'm calling it Fall-o-ween! A whole lot of FALL with some HALLOWEEN on the side. 

Come take a peek!

I should apologize now, I took a few too many photos. 129 to be exact. Don't worry, I didn't post quite that many... just a couple. Enjoy!

The scarecrow was a last minute purchase from AC Moore for only five bucks! Gotta love cheap!

Those lanterns? Found them on a back shelf at Target in a pile of summer clearance stuff. Win!

I just love the way the afternoon sun trickles over everything in its path. 

And those three beauties? Those pumpkins were my last purchase. I'm sort of obsessed with them. I think they are of the Cinderella variety, but I'm not quite sure. Nevertheless, they're just perfect. I originally saw them at the pumpkin patch... for a whopping THIRTY dollars. Yeah, no. Instead, I got those three at our local supermarket for pennies on the dollar. 

I was kind of weird and stole borrowed leaves and branches from around the neighborhood (we only have evergreens and one magnolia around our house). Why? Well, I wanted to cover up all of the mulch in the flower bed. I think the overall effect is just what I wanted. Just trust me when I say that fallen leaves look way better than plain old mulch when mixed with the rest of the natural decor.

And that's that! What do you think? 

Oh, but do you know the best part? On November 1, all I have to do is ditch the creepy rats, skulls, and spiders. Our house is pretty much set until we're ready to bring out the Christmas lights after the Thanksgiving food coma has worn off. 

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  1. I love all the different color pumpkins! And even better, how easily it will transition into Thanksgiving!

  2. Love how festive this is! I think you've coined a new term too :) Makes me want to decorate for fall but then I remember I'm pregnant and I would rather relax than decorate lol!


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