Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Photo Shoot - Sneak Peak!

Yesterday night was Friendsgiving so it's safe to say that the holiday season has officially begun!

As I'm sure you already guessed, we went with Minted for our holiday cards -- best quality and assortment, hands down! Before we could order one of the lovely prints, we had to get our photos done. It's a bit late to go to a pro, so I pulled out my remote and tripod and we got shooting. 

We decided to go a bit non-traditional with this year's Christmas card photo and I just LOVE the results. Here's a sneak peak of the magic! 

Like this idea? Want to do it, too?

Step 1: Gather your props. I found a ton at Target in the $1 One Spot section (except for the garland and bow for $3 each). I feel like we'll probably create a photo booth and re-use all of this stuff at our annual Christmas party. You could even make your own set of props for free

Step 2: Work with a blank canvas or an elaborate backdrop. Your call! We used a blank wall in our bedroom (where there was also a ton of natural light) but I love a fun DIY photo backdrop just as much as the next girl.

Step 3: Gather your loved ones. 

Step 4: Have some fun! As you can see from the pictures, we had a great time and laughed so much.

I am SO excited to get our 2013 cards in hand - I think our friends and family will get a kick out of them! 


Someone was a bit of a Christmas grinch!

Ebenezer Scrooge, is that you? At least I have no problem spreading holiday cheer!

We're bad actors, but he does gift nicely wrapped presents, dontcha think? (Want to make a perfect bow? Click here for the tutorial & printable template!)

Out of nowhere, we heard footsteps approaching...

Quinn wanted in on the action!

And then, we just got silly...

What do you think? Do you usually go formal or fun for your holiday cards each year?

P.S. Is it just me or does Joe look like a really rad elf on the shelf? Haha :)

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  1. I love them!! Yall are entirely way too cute!!!

    1. Thank you!! You are just the sweetest! We had too much fun doing these :)


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