Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Printable Thanksgiving Banner

I originally shared this material at Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

If you haven't guessed already, it's most definitely Christmasland here in the bloggy world. (Me included! I'm beyond ready for Christmastime - the tree is decorated, cards are ordered, our party is planned. The audacity!) Still, I realize that some of you actually enjoy going holiday by holiday. If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner (I'm not! woot woot!) and need a last minute piece of decor, Spool and Spoon to the rescue! Here's a simple banner that you can DIY in only a couple of minutes.

With just three sheets of paper and a piece of yarn/twine/ribbon, you'll have a simple and festive decoration for your Turkey Day gathering.

What's better than a fun bunting? Not much if you ask me.
1. Select and save the Full-Size images below. There are two options: 'Be Thankful' or 'Be Grateful'
2. Print the images (a total of three pages for each phrase) on regular paper or card stock
3. Cut out each pennant carefully
4. Fold over the top 1/2 - 3/4 inch of each and secure with a piece of tape
5. Organize the letters and then thread a length of string/ribbon under the fold of each
6. Hang your banner up and call it a day!
"Be" + Turkey

Cornucopia + GRAT[eful]

[grat]EFUL + Cornucopia

Cornucopia + THAN[kful]

[than]KFUL + Cornucopia

With two pieces of decorative washi tape, I hung the banner over our makeshift buffet in the dining room (formerly an Ikea entertainment center).

If I'm going to be completely honest, I'm just ITCHING to take that baby down. It's super adorbs but I can't wait to hang up some garland in its place.... please make no mention of that to the Thanksgiving Police! In the meantime, I have some sunflowers and mums and fabric pumpkins tucked all around to give the illusion that I'm still digging autumn right now haha. 

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  1. Very cute banner! I already decorated for Christmas too, and have almost finished all my shopping. :) I feel a little guilty but I will fully enjoy all the Thanksgiving festivities, even with all the Christmas decorations.

  2. Just saw your name on the DIY holiday card exchange. That banner is cute!


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