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Meet Me Under the Mistletoe - Felt Christmas Wreath

Every year we hang an artificial mistletoe kissing ball that I scored on clearance at Target several years ago. I love it to pieces and wish we had more doorways in the house to hang lots of mistletoe all over. Simply put, I've been mad about mistletoe lately. If you've seen any of my recent pins on my Christmas board, you probably made that assumption already. I took my little infatuation to the next level with this year's winter wreath... a Felt Mistletoe Wreath that I'll be referring to as my "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" Wreath. #swoon

There are several felt mistletoe wreaths available online like this one from Olive and Cocoa for $128 (ouch!) and this one from The Century House for $70 (wowzers). But let's be real, Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and spending more than $20 is not really my taste. Going DIY was an easy decision.

If you'd like to create your own, grab some felt and a wreath form and let's get cranking!
12-16 inch foam wreath form
1/2 yard green wool felt (Chances are, you won't use more than a foot, but I'd get some extra just in case)
mini white pompoms 

1. Cut strips of felt (as long as possible) that are between 1.5 and 2.5 inches wide.
2. Cut various shapes and sizes of mistletoe leaves (like below)

3. Wrap the strips *tightly* around the wreath form until it is entirely covered. You probably won't need to pin as you go, but if you do, place the pins on the back side.

4. Once you've covered the entire wreath, secure the end of the felt by placing small pins directly into the styrofoam form.

5. Once the base is completely covered, start pinning the leaves around the wreath. I placed my pins at the base of the leaf and then covered the pins with additional leaves. That way, when you are done, none of the pins are visible. (See below for an example.) You can fill in any gaps with the pompoms.

6. When it comes to the pompoms, don't feel like you need to "hide" the pin. The little pin head looks remarkably like the tip of a berry so it works... dontcha think??

And with that, you are done. 

I love the overall look. 

Even more, I love the price. All in all, this baby cost me $8.50 ($2 for the poms, $2.50 for the foam wreath form, and $4 for the wool felt). I have enough felt and pompoms left over for several more wreaths. 

With the extras, I'm considering making some felt mistletoe bundles to dress up gifts and doorways... maybe a few pillows? It's too bad that Christmas is only two and a half weeks away :(

If you're interested in last year's Rustic Star of Bethlehem Wreath, click here!

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