Sunday, January 26, 2014

Making A Memory - The Perfect Gift

Earlier this week, I shared our Memory Jar so it should be no surprise that we would want to *create* memories with people we care about. Joe and I have made a decision to give experiences rather than things when possible.

To give the impression of an actual gift, I wrapped a big box with a special note and a correlating gift card with tons of tissue paper.

Some ideas:
A zoo membership
A pottery class
A girl's night out
Painting with a Twist
A wine tour
A cooking class
A pre-planned date night
Sporting event tickets
Go-karting gift certificates

Our two favorite kids 'cashed in' on their presents this weekend. It was probably the best couple days that I've had in awhile. We had themed days for each of them and let me just say, my heart is full.

(Sidenote: During college I nannied full-time for the most delightful family. The two oldest children were in our wedding and I still make time to babysit whenever they ask.)

For the little lady, A Girls Night Out...

The night included book shopping, a makeover, dinner, a Target pit stop, and Frozen! Speaking of Frozen -- OH MY GOODNESS. The hype is kind of on point. Love it!

 I've known this lovely girl since she was about a year old and only babbling. We now have legit conversations and laugh at the same jokes. I'm just in awe of the person she is becoming.


And for the spunkiest (and absolute sweetest) little guy I know, A Game Day. His reaction to his present was a bit lackluster as he was confused as to why he only got "a piece of paper" for Christmas and he was not thrilled that he had to read it. Boys... haha.

Luckily, he soon came to realize that his gift was totally awesome: a day alone with two people who love him to pieces, a delicious lunch, and lots and lots of games and prizes from Dave & Buster's.

Little did we know, his day would also involve 3800 tickets and winning a jackpot! This precious little boy RAKED IT IN. He has the biggest heart and decided to spend his tickets not only on himself but also on his brother and sister.

For obvious reasons, I had a wonderful time. Spending time with such wonderful kids was a great experience for me/us. It reminded me why I want a family and just how much I love each of them. 

The real clincher for me:
As E and I were running through the aisles at Target to smuggle candy into the theater (#noshame) she said that she "loved this way more than a toy and wants to do it again next year." My heart just about burst at the seams. Then, Saturday, just as we were walking B out of Dave and Buster's, he snuggled close to me and said that "this was the best day ever." Yep, my heart exploded right then and there. I'd venture to say that their gifts were just as special for them as the days were for us. 

And that is why you should give a memory.

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