Monday, June 2, 2014

15 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 15 weeks 4 days

Weight gain: Down a 1/4lb from last week so I'm below pre-pregnancy weight by a quarter-pound. Despite the apparent weight loss, I'd definitely say I'm starting to puff up a bit!

Maternity clothes: Heck no to maternity bottoms but the ruched tee shirts are looking more and more attractive as my curves get a tad curvier. 

Best Moment this Week? Well, one of my best best best friends got engaged on Saturday to one of the greatest guys we know so I'm just elated for her. On a more personal note, over the weekend we made some great progress at the fixer-upper! I spent the better part of an afternoon scrubbing off wallpaper paste - I'm determined to get the remaining gunk off of the nursery walls by the end of this weekend! We also saw an orchestra perform popular video game and movie theme songs. While the music was fun and the weather was perfect, my favorite part was seeing two old friends from high school and getting to briefly catch up. 

Sleep: Bedtime is still my favorite time every single day. I'm almost always in bed by 9 or 10 and have resorted to sleeping propped on two pillows, but it seems to do the trick. I've been sleeping comfortably and only waking once or twice. 

Gender: Joe and I were chatting at a graduation party this weekend and he has hopped on the baby girl train along with me. This whole 'not knowing' phase is getting old real quick!

Movement: At random moments I feel these random twinges but (despite my wishful thinking), I'm pretty sure it's just round ligament pain. Sometimes I find myself just laying/sitting with my eyes closed and concentrating so deeply on if I can feel the baby - the consensus is NO, no I cannot. Boohoo :(

Looking forward to: To be honest? This week being over. I'm already over it and I live for the weekends. Plus, next Tuesday is my OB appointment and I'm almost positive I'll get the green light to schedule my next ultrasound at the end of the month which should be the gender reveal! Eeeep! 

Food cravings: OH MY GOODNESS. This week I have been wanting a hoagie so bad, like I have never wanted something else this bad in my entire life (besides this little munchkin of course). It's actually quite annoying because I can't just 'cheat' and have a few bites. The willpower I am gaining through this pregnancy will either do wonders for or wreak havoc on my food choices post-baby. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of many foods still grosses me out but eating and/or not eating has been the culprit behind most of my nausea. Either I don't eat enough (volume or frequency) or I eat too much or too late and I regret it immediately.

Labor Signs: Nada, thank goodness.

What I miss: Hoagies and Mike's Hard Lemonade. Oh, summertime. 

Symptoms: My headaches have eased quite dramatically (I've doubled my water intake) but the constant exhaustion is still mind-blowing to me.

Nursery: Joe removed the last bit of carpet and the tack strips from the floor and I've been handling the wallpaper and paste removal. We're getting there... slowly but surely. Other than the paste, this room is in probably the best condition of all the rooms. I am sure that a new light fixture and paint will make all of the difference. 

Belly button in or out? Honestly, I will be beyond surprised if my super-innie ever pops out. 

Wedding rings on or off? In

Mood: More emotional than usual - the tears have been rampant this week and my stress has gone through the roof. I'm irritable for sure but still my happy, chipper self (at least I'm trying to be!).

Workouts: I got back to the treadmill this weekend and boy oh boy did it feel incredible! The first fifteen minutes were painful and torturous but I got through it and felt wonderful by the end. Let's hope I can keep it up but I already feel way too tired to even think about that right now...


  1. Hurray for bumpdates! I'm so excited for you. I remember the beginning....the nausea from eating/not eating, exhaustion and crazy emotions. It gets a little better in the second trimester, but now in my third trimester some of the nausea is coming back and my emotions are haywire. Can't wait to see the nursery progress!

    My Wholesome Home

    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Rachel! This has been the first week that my emotions have gotten the best of me (or so I believe haha) but this exhaustion is exhausting haha.

  2. Have a Blessed week Jess!!!


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