Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wining & DIYing - A Girls' Night In

I have the two best friends that anyone could have! Unfortunately, now that we don't all work together (we met while teaching about 8ish years ago) and we all have thriving careers and conflicting commitments, we don't see each other nearly enough.

After reading How-To Start a Wine Club from Hosting and Toasting, I begged my girlies to take a shot at it with me. We decided that we'd combine two of our favorite things - wine and crafts - and turn it into our monthly, no-exceptions, can't-miss-it Girls Night In. We call it Wining and DIYing (playful take on wining and dining) and rotate hosting each month.

In March, I hosted the first visit and we made Spring Embroidery Hoop wreaths inspired by AKA Design+Life's spring mantle and paper flower wreath. I shared this photo on Instagram:

The following month, Meg hosted and we created tea-cup bird feeders similar to these by Something Wonderful. That was also the night that I got share with my besties that Joe and I are expecting! So, please don't worry - no vino for this lady.

Then, in May, Trish hosted and we did ceramic mugs:

It's my turn once more and I posted a little teaser of a hint on Instagram yesterday afternoon... Check it out! Any guesses on what we might be making tonight? I'll share soon!


  1. Congratulations on you upcoming Mommy-hood! U look great and soooo happy.
    BTW, did you purchase the mugs and paint them? What kind of paint? thanks.

  2. congratulaions on you upcoming Mommy-hood! U look healthy and sooo happy! What a blessing.
    BTW, did you buy the mugs and then paint them? What kind of paint? thanks.

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you :) The mugs were thrift store finds -- win! As for the paint? My friend bought Sharpie Paint Pens. once they cured for 24 hours we baked them and mine hasn't chipped or faded yet!


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