Tuesday, August 5, 2014

24 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 24 weeks, 5 days today

Weight gain: 7 pounds (down a pound from last week). Then again, I have an appointment this afternoon so we'll see what the OB's scale says......... 

Maternity clothes: I'm still iffy about maternity pants. Considering that I can't button a single pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, I realize I'm fighting a losing battle so I'm slowly but surely waving my little white flag.

Best Moment this Week? I can't pin point some huge momentous occasion as it was actually a pretty cruddy week. Still on Sunday night we were driving home from the fixer-upper and Joe was gushing about how excited he was to do 'fun activities' with J. Specifically, he was getting really excited about cub/boy scouts and helping with his little workbook to get the badges and going camping and doing the little projects. I was tearing up like crazy. While I know that he is thrilled every single day, it melts me to the core to see him beaming with excitement over this little man's arrival.

Sleep: Nothing new to report in this arena - still love sleep and despise getting out of bed.

Gender: A little man cub <3

Movement: Last Thursday I was a little panicky as I hadn't felt J move for the entire morning and the better part of the afternoon. I had resolved myself to call the doctor if I didn't feel anything by 2:30. Lo and behold this little guy is a bugger and ended up squirming around at 2 on the dot. Other than that day, he's been pretty active. I generally get a little punch/kick first thing in the morning, a couple squirms around 9/10, again around lunch, and then usually by the mid-evening/bedtime he'll be very active for about 15-30 minutes. I love that we are seeing a more defined schedule and can predict his movements. He's getting to be more responsive as well which is fun for each of us.

Looking forward to: Would you believe we still haven't started the registry? Yikes. Anywho. I have that OB appointment this afternoon; I'm really looking forward to hearing his heartbeat again. I think this will also be my last belly check of the 2nd trimester so that's pretty cool. Then, on Saturday, Joe and I are going to see Weezer with my brother-in-law so that'll be an awesome night, I'm sure.

Food cravings: I definitely have my 'favorite' foods that I've been sticking with (fruit!) but over the weekend I had a major hankering for ice cream / candy bars. Joe was a doll and grabbed me a snickers and twix ice cream bar which hit the spot for both.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, I'm really feeling awesome at this stage.

Labor Signs: None, thankfully. I'm still on the look out for Braxton Hicks contractions but if I've had them, I haven't noticed it.

What I miss: I miss not feeling like a turtle on it's back when I'm laying down and trying to get up haha. 

Symptoms: The swelling is still an issue and I'll be discussing that with the OB today. Charley horses have also been a HUGE pain in the tush (or more accurately, my calf) for the last week. I've woken up three times in the middle of the night from them. Still, in the scheme of things, these are pretty small things to worry about so I'm not gonna get my panties in a bunch over it.

Nursery: The navy walls are officially done - YAY! We'll be painting the trim this weekend and installing beadboard soon thereafter. It's fun seeing things come together slowly but surely.

Belly button in or out? In but I have definitely noticed that it's much less shallow than before.

Wedding rings on or off? On. My fingers are definitely starting to swell so I may have to lose my engagement ring soon (my wedding band is a half-size larger and fits fine).

Mood: Emotional wreck. I have been worked up over a lot lately so that's been tough to manage. I think some things have been understanding as I'm under a lot of pressure but other things are just my emotions out of whack. For example, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and I sobbed twice... it's a comedy, people!

Workouts: Lovinggg pilates of course. It's definitely a challenge with some positions but I always feel great afterwards. Next week I'll be travelling for work from Sunday through Friday and will have to miss the class. I'm thinking that since the hotel has a gym and a pool, I'll be sure to work out every night since I'll have nothing better to do. I'll bring my yoga mat along and do some prenatal yoga videos in my room. I have received a lot of comments/compliments that I don't "look that pregnant" and I'd like to limit the pregnancy bloat as much as possible. Hopefully by keeping some sort of regimen in place, that'll be a reality.

BTW- Shout out to Rachel at My Wholesome Home (and her hubby and puppy) who welcomed their gorgeous little boy into the world!

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