Tuesday, August 26, 2014

25-27 Weeks Bumpdate

How far along: 27 weeks, 5 days today
Weight gain: -- I honestly haven't weighed myself in over three weeks. I finally did so this morning and I nearly cried. I gained a little over 5 pounds since my last OB appointment. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. My belly is huge, this kid feels huge, and my feet/ankles are swollen beyond belief.

Maternity clothes: Definitely wearing maternity clothes. I generally mix some of my pre-pregnancy clothes (shirts and dresses) in with my maternity clothes though I'm strictly limited to maternity pants unless I'm wearing leggings.

Best Moment this Week? We got J's crib on Sunday and that makes me so excited. Joe and I already decided that for at least his first 8 weeks, he'll sleep in the bassinet in our room but having his crib makes everything seem so 'real.'  Oh and PUMPKIN SPICE. Need I say more?!
As for the past two weeks that I neglected to post about:
WEEK 25 - I spent the week in Pittsburgh (alone - for business) so coming home to Joe, Quinn, and Aubrey that Friday/Saturday was without a doubt the highlight of my week.
WEEK 26 - My 26th birthday was awfully nice.. Joe spoiled me with love and attention, and the funniest birthday cards ever (check them out on Instagram here and here). We also started and finished our Baby Registry!!

Sleep: The middle of the night potty break routine began about two weeks ago while I was away on business... it hasn't stopped since. I actually don't mind it too much because J tends to be super active when I'm up in the middle of the night and I love getting to enjoy his energy (it also doesn't keep me up when I'm ready to go back to bed). Other than that, I sleep pretty well - with the help of a maternity pillow for sure.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: His activity level still varies but I'm noticing him much more regularly. The past few days in particular have been registering high on the movement scale and I'm loving it. 

Looking forward to: I have a four day weekend for Labor Day and, without a doubt, that is going to make my week much more manageable. I'll be getting my new license on Friday morning, meeting up with my bestie to get our hair done on Friday afternoon, and afterwards I have my first 3rd trimester appointment with my OB. On Saturday we'll be working on the fixer upper and heading over to my BIL/SIL's for a barbeque. Sunday and Monday will be spent working on the fixer upper some more (hopefully making some mad progress and picking out flooring and new kitchen cabinets).

Food cravings: I've actually been pretty bad these past couple of weeks... I've been craving ice cream cake, marshmallow dream bars, cereal, and cheese curls like crazy. Hmm... maybe that's where those 5 pounds came from?! I try to balance it out with fruit, veggies, and yogurt but I've definitely caved more times than not.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. :)

Labor Signs: Every once in awhile, I notice a random tightening or twinge of pain and I'm assuming that is a Braxton Hicks contraction but who knows. Other than that, nothing -- thank goodness!

What I miss: I'm back to missing lunch meat... I would loveeee to have a big fat turkey hoagie.

Symptoms: The swelling is still an issue. Joe is a doll and while he teases me (playfully!) about how huge my feet/ankles are, he rubs them and encourages me to rest. I'm getting a tad concerned because I still have nearly three months and it'll only get worse... Doctor says all is normal though. It's also getting more uncomfortable to move and walk. I definitely have the pregnancy waddle when I'm not consciously thinking about each of my steps.

Nursery: The beadboard is ordered and should arrive sometime next week so we'll be able to get that installed soon. As I mentioned earlier, we have J's crib and I can't wait to see it in his room. We have decided to refinish all of the flooring and his ceiling though so it'll still be a few more weeks before it's done.

Belly button in or out? In but I have definitely noticed that it's much less shallow than before.

Wedding rings on or off? On. My fingers are definitely starting to swell so I may have to lose my engagement ring in the next week or two

Mood: All in all, I'm pretty normal. Joe noticed that I'm more absent-minded than usual (pregnancy brain!) and I couldn't agree more. I forget everything which is getting to be a tad annoying.

Workouts: I haven't been to pilates in a couple of weeks but I had class last night. I'm thinking that if I can get out of work at a reasonable time, I may try to fit in an extra long walk to the park with Quinn. We'll see.

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  1. SO excited for you!! Keep your fluids/feet up to help w/ swelling. Have an AWESOME week ahead!!!


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