Sunday, October 26, 2014

Couples Costume - Wayne's World: Wayne & Garth

Maybe it's because I'm getting older or maybe it's because I'm nearly full-term, but I had no desire to dress in a skimpy costume this year. Joe and I decided to go retro again this year and I think we nailed it.

I mean, what's better than an on-point Wayne and a very pregnant Garth? While this wasn't entirely 'last minute' for us as we did it for our best friend's annual Halloween party last weekend, it's a great costume to throw together with items already in your closet if you haven't been able to plan ahead.

To recreate Wayne's look, you'll need:
The basics for your outfit are a plain black tshirt, distressed jeans, and black chuck taylors. Top off your look with a Wayne's World cap (my crafty husband actually DIYed his own!) and endorse your favorite beverage. I bought the plain black cap at Goodwill, the black tee at Target in the undershirt section, and Joe went through his closet and found a pair of baggy jeans (circa 2002) and cut those bad boys up.

To recreate Garth's look, you'll need:
The essentials for this look are a grungy blue plaid shirt, a white band tee, distressed denim, chucks, and a pair of thick rimmed black eyeglasses. To really up the ante, add a couple drumsticks and dry shampoo to tease the heck out of your hair. The converse were already in my wardrobe as were the jeans but I had to search out a flannel shirt at Goodwill and picked up a white Rolling Stones tee at Target (needed a shirt that would actually fit over my bump. While the glasses pictured above are Raybans, the ones I was wearing are my new prescription glasses (Coach) that happened to work perfectly.


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