Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five Fab Finds (Plus Some!) - Ikea

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live so close to an Ikea! I haven't stepped foot in there since October so it was the perfect naptime getaway for me and the little guy. Visiting Ikea on a Wednesday morning?! HEAVEN. Pure heaven. If you can swing it, do it!

The whole store was practically empty which was good considering that I didn't put any effort into looking 'presentable' haha. This visit was just what I needed thought. I've been lacking inspiration for the rooms at the fixer upper. In particular, I was searching for a living room sofa, a tv console for the family room, kid friendly window treatments, and storage ideas for the kitchen, pantry, and laundry room. I think I found everything I was looking for, and more!

My favorite finds:

This couch: STRANDMON
The HIGH wingback is an incredible find, especially for Ikea. Not sure if you've ever noticed, but the majority of their seating solutions sit low to the ground and have no neck/back support. This was the complete opposite and I doubt you'd walk into a room and immediately identify this as an Ikea product. I'll be begging Joe to put this in the living room at the new house. They even have a wingback chair in the same style but in a navy blue velvet! Swoon.

This buffet: STORNAS
Sure, they market it as a buffet but why be typecast? I think it'd be the perfect TV console for a flat screen in our family room! Storage, doors that we can baby proof, and a good height. I'm sold!

These roller blinds: LISELOTT
The faint pattern (it's opaque and sheer - not printed!) is so fun. I'm generally afraid to experiment with 'crazy' but this, this I could do! It comes in a variety of sizes - up to 78 inches - so I'm thinking it'll be perfect quirky addition for our front windows. As a new mom, I also love that there is no chain for the baby to get caught in, and no dragging on the floor to tempt the kitty cat.

This collapsible wall drying rack: GRUNDTAL
Joe and his dad have since converted the old wet bar area into a mini laundry room (YAY!!!) and this drying rack is the perfect space saver! This is a definite buy. Sure, I don't currently hang dry any of our clothes but we cloth diaper little J (more on that later!) and the ideal way to dry the diapers is by hanging.

This hat rack: TJUSIG
This is just another case of a rose by any other name is just as sweet. They say hat rack, I say kitchen shelf. The deep shelf is perfect for dinner plates, the hooks are ideal of oven mitts and dishtowels, and the stainless steel finish will coordinate with our matching appliances. Is that a crazy idea? I think I'm brilliant but what do you say?

This pantry shelving unit: MULIG
I have been on the prowl for a narrow shelving unit to utilize within our pantry space and this is so retro and funky. The best part is that it is only $25! Oh and it also comes in white. Win! Though.. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm completely tempted by this galvanized shelving beauty:

This other shelving unit: HYLLIS
So it's actually 4 shelves tall and I'm so smitten with it. You have to click through and see the link to see how it's styled. I love the industrial look and well... I love the price tag too. For FIFTEEN dollars, you'll be hopping in your car to grab one too.

That was the last of my eye candy but since I had the sweetest little shopping partner, I couldn't help but to get him a few things as well! He was one spoiled little boy. Some of my favorites include a new mobile for his gym mat, floral animal art cards to incorporate into the gallery wall in his nursery, a big stuffed moose, animal finger puppets, and a fluffy faux sheepskin rug.

Are you a fan of Ikea, too? I'd love to see your favorite finds! Post a picture of them to Instagram and tag me @spool_and_spoon!

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