Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our Top 3 Cloth Diaper Picks

Convincing my hubby to use cloth diapers was pretty darn easy. Who would have guessed that three months later we would both be fluff fanatics in our house.

Every family has their preferences but we're obsessed with the one-size options from the BumGenius and Flip brands. Only the best on our baby's bum!
There are three main styles of the modern cloth diaper and CottonBabies sells all of our favorites.
#3 All-in-Ones - BG Freetime
#2 Pockets - BG 4.0
#1 Covers (to be used with a variety of inserts) - Flip

These are the most convenient of all cloth diapers. No pinning, no stuffing, no nothing. Simply wash and put on baby. Our favorite AIO diaper is the Freetime by BumGenius. They are a great option for parents scared of the 'extra' work that comes along with cloth diapering.

Freetimes have two microfiber inserts sewn into the diaper. These flaps make cloth diapering a breeze for those who value convenience. I originally got these for use by babysitters and grandma but I realized the main convenience of the AIO is in the laundering process, not so much the changing process.

My only complaint is the bulkiness of the diaper on my little man. This isn't necessarily a bad thing considering they are a great overnight option and we have yet to have a single leak in this diaper.

We have major crushes on the pocket diapers in our stash. Pocket diapers of different brands come with various lining fabrics (microsuede, fleece, minky, etc) with a pouch where an absorbent pad is inserted. Our favorite pockets are also by BumGenius: the 4.0.

The 4.0 is cinched with elastic on the legs and back and comes in both snap and aplix (velcro) options. This one-size diaper is similar to others offered by CottonBabies/BumGenius as it offers a variety of sizing possibilities with all different types of baby bodies. 

The main allure of pocket diapers is that they can be stuffed with any type of insert to meet the absorbency needs of your baby. 4.0s are sold with two microfiber inserts - an infant size (that can later be used as a doubler for extra absorbency) and a standard-sized insert with snaps so the size can be adjusted to fit your baby at different stages of their diaper-wearing phase.

 Sure, these take a little extra work than the Freetime because of all the stuffing but the fact they they are practically 'custom' in regards to absorption, that's a small price to pay. While all cloth diapers are fluffy on the bum, these are a fairly trim option in comparison to the Freetime. 

A cover is the most economical diapering option and there are a ton to choose from. Without hesitation, this is my favorite type of diaper. Since we bought so many of our diapers from CottonBabies, we decided to experiment with their diaper covers - the Flip. The best part about a Flip cover is that it is REUSABLE and takes cloth to a whole new level. Covers can be wiped down and so long as they are clear of poo, they can be reused for several wears. It's not uncommon for Jasper to use only 2 covers all day, despite 6-8 changes! 

This is the most "old fashioned" of the modern cloth diapers. Though, don't get mistaken - these are not the plastic pants of yesteryear. The Flip cover is made of the same water resistant material as the 4.0 and Freetime (it's called PUL) and is silky soft to the touch. This cover has all of the elasticity of the other diapers mentioned as well as the sizing customization along the waist and rise. A diaper cover is just that - it covers a diaper so you need to purchase inserts as well. It also features a small front and back flap that can help 'ground' inserts that are placed inside. 

While it might take some time to learn the fancy insert folds (which is unnecessary), this is definitely the best way to cloth diaper on a budget.

All diapers, except AIO diapers, require the use of inserts. There are so many to choose from. Some are best for pockets and others are best used in covers. The inserts we use are microfiber, flour sack towels, hemp doublers, and prefolds. 

Microfiber - These are included with most pocket diapers so I have a ton of them. Keep in mind that these can't go against baby's skin due to its extreme drying capability so wrap it in a flour sack towel or flannel before using in a diaper cover.
FST - Flour sack towels are the most economical option for an insert (yes, the one in the kitchen department at Target and Walmart). Packs generally retail at $5 for 5 towels. Despite that low price point they are incredibly absorbent on their own or used with other inserts to boost absorbency
Hemp - I'm kind of obsessed with our Hemp Babies hemp doublers for little Jasper as they are extremely thin and add very little bulk to the diapers. It's amazing the amount of liquid they hold so they are a great nighttime or naptime booster.
Prefold - nowadays most people use these as dusters, cleaning rags, or burp cloths, but guess what? They get the job done in their original form as diapers. I use these with a Snappi clip, not the traditional diaper pin.

As you can tell, I am obsessed with these three types of diapers. I'm definitely biased based on our personal experience. We haven't tried a ton of different brands because why fix something that isn't broken? My best advice to parents considering cloth is to research, join Facebook groups, ask tons of questions, and most importantly go to a store that sells cloth so you can see your options in person.

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