Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pinteresting Solution #1 - Litter & Sock Frost Trick

Ever come across one of those seemingly silly hacks or straight out genius tips on Pinterest and wonder why you didn't think of it first? Every week, I'll feature a new one that caught my eye and share the success or failure. If you see something interesting, send it in my direction!

We've been in a deep freeze up north. Thankfully, we haven't gotten the same amount of snow as our neighbors in New England but it's been pretty darn cold. While browsing Pinterest, I came across a link to some winter hacks on Buzzfeed. I'm more than glad to jump on any tips to help conquer the frozen tundra outside.

This one specifically caught my attention:
"You can also use a stocking or sock filled with cat litter to prevent frost."
(image via buzzfeed)

Prevent frost? Considering my hubby isn't a morning person I thought this tip would be invaluable for him. This trick could easily save him a couple minutes each morning and every minute counts when you're already late and leaving during rush hour.

Let the experiment begin!

According to the site, all you need is a sock and cat litter. I think a funnel is pretty helpful as well.

Simply slip the funnel into a tube sock (no holes, please!), and pour the litter in until the foot section is completely full. I tied mine off with a knot but you could sew it shut as well. Place the filled sock on your dash and wait until morning.

I stuck the sock on my dash and waited until morning to check on my car. NOTHING HAPPENED. Well, something happened. Something being frost. Lots of frost. 

Supposedly the sock will absorb the moisture in the air and stave off frost. Hmm. Well, considering that frost is on the OUTSIDE of the window, I should have thought this through. My conclusion, a kitty litter sock does not prevent frosted windows. This hack is a big fat hoax. Maybe it'd prevent foggy windows but I'm not going to wait and see. 

I guess you can't believe everything you read on the internet (ha!). If you see other craft, cooking, or cleaning hacks on the web, let me know! I'll put it to the test and see if it's actually a pinteresting solution or not.

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  1. hmmmmm... I think I might try this anyway. There is something wrong with the seal on our windshield so we actually get frost on the inside of our windshield. Maybe it works in that case? I'll try it next time it's cold enough to frost (it's been rather mild on my side of the country) and let you know my findings :D


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