Monday, February 9, 2015

Rosé and Lime Spritzer & Festive Wine Glasses

Are you preparing a Valentine's Day dinner at home? Maybe you're super wonderful and hosting a Galentine's Day Brunch this Saturday morning? Or, if you're anything like me, you like the idea of having another fun beverage idea up your sleeve!
This Rosé and Lime Spritzer is super simple and absolutely refreshing.

I am not a wine snob but I do know what I like. I'm a big fan of dessert wines and moscato especially, as is my sister in law. We knew that she, my brother in law, and nephews would be visiting this past weekend, so Joe picked up a bottle for us girls. If it wasn't just the two of us drinking, I'd probably have made my favorite sangria because that feeds (or waters?) a crowd.

I decided on a spritzer instead. Lots of flavor with half the alcohol by volume. I had some Lime Dasani Sparkling Water on hand because Target had it on sale for $4 plus 25% off on Cartwheel and Ibotta offered $1 cash back. Two dollars for a 12 pack? That's a deal! I paired that with a rosé moscato and it was fantastic.

1 part moscato (or sweet wine of your choice)
1 part lime sparkling water

DIRECTIONS (per glass)
1. Fill a little less than half of the glass with wine then add an equal part of sparkling water.
One step. Yeah, it's really that easy.
**Do not pour into a pitcher - even if making for several guests - make each glass separately so as to ensure they are bubbly and fresh.

To jazz things up a bit, garnish the glasses first! You can use sanding sugar or nonpareils - whatever you have on hand.
1. In a small bread and butter dish, pour a tablespoon or two of wine and put the nonpareils in another dish.
2. Dip the lip in a tiny bit of wine.
2. Drip dry for 3 seconds.
3. Dip into garnish and VOILA!


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  1. YUM! I LOVE Pink Moscato but am IN love w/ Barefoot wines Red Summer Sparkling wines. They already have a bit of bubbles in them & are SO yummy!! I will have to try the wet-n-dip w/ something pretty also for our Sweetheart Dinner this Sat w/ 3 other couples. We get together about 4-5 times, (holidays) a year, celebrating our generation of "still together after 20+ years" couples! Thanks for the new recipe & for the sugaring tip!! Have a Wonderful HEART Day!!


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